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With Spout pouch - a new form of packaging

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  Spout pouch is generally used to package liquids, such as juice, beverages, detergents, milk, soy milk, chili sauce, soy sauce, etc. It can be used. Due to the various forms of suction nozzles in Spout pouch, there are long ones that can suck jelly, juice, and beverages. There are also suction nozzles for cleaning products. With the continuous development and application of Spout pouch, most of the detergents and softeners in various countries are packaged in Spout pouch.

  As the advantages of suction nozzle flexible packaging are understood by more consumers, and with the continuous strengthening of social environmental protection awareness, it will become a trend to use nozzle flexible packaging instead of barrels, and use nozzle flexible packaging to replace traditional flexible packaging that cannot be resealed. A big advantage of the spout pouch over common packaging forms is portability. The spout pouch can be easily put into a backpack or even a pocket, and it can be diversified as the content of the factory is reduced.

  We focus on plastic flexible packaging, packaging film, food packaging, vacuum packaging, nozzle packaging, aluminum foil packaging, etc. We have many years of rich experience, with mature production technology and equipment, for the production of food packaging bags in all walks of life. Advantage.


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