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Why are water packaging bags not suitable for long-term storage?liquid spout bag

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1. Thin film material: Water packaging bags are usually made of thin film material, which is relatively thin and susceptible to external environmental influences such as oxygen, light, temperature, etc. When stored for a long time, these factors may lead to material aging, deterioration, and even rupture of packaging bags.

2. Unsealable: once the product is opened and used, it cannot be sealed again. Unlike Bottled water or bucket, it cannot protect the water quality from external pollution.

3. Permeability: Due to the thin and strong breathability of the material, water packaging bags are difficult to prevent the penetration of oxygen and water, and long-term storage may cause water quality deterioration or odor.

4. High temperature intolerance: It usually does not tolerate high temperatures, and long-term exposure to high temperatures may cause material softening, deformation, or even melting, affecting the integrity and effectiveness of packaging bags.

5. Hard to stack: because this product is soft, it is difficult to stack stably like Bottled water or buckets, resulting in a waste of storage space.

6. Difficult to manage: water packaging bags are not as convenient to manage and transport as Bottled water or buckets, which is inconvenient for long-term storage of large amounts of water.

Therefore, for situations that require long-term storage, it is not appropriate to choose water packaging bags as the main container. Instead, other containers that are more durable and better sealed, such as Bottled water, buckets or large capacity buckets, should be selected to ensure the stability and safety of water quality. At the same time, when selecting products, it is also advisable to choose appropriate usage and reduce the need for long-term storage to reduce the impact on the environment.

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