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What is the material of PE bag and what type of packaging bag can be made

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  PEVA freezer bag

  Name of PE bag: polyethylene, full English name: polyethylene, PE, short for PE. It is a non-toxic, tasteless, odorless, moisture-proof, dust-proof, waterproof, oxygen resistant, acid resistant, alkali resistant plastic bag material. It is the most important material used in plastic bag production, and is recognized as the world's best material for food contact.

  PVC - polyvinyl chloride: polyvinyl chloride is abbreviated as PVC, with the molecular formula of (CH2-CH2) n. It is the most important type of vinyl polymer and the second largest plastic variety in the world after polyethylene.

  Shrinkfilm -- Shrink film: It is a thermoplastic film that is stretched and oriented in the production process and shrinks when exposed to hot air treatment or infrared radiation during use. After heat treatment, the film is tightly wrapped on the package, and the shrinkage force reaches the maximum value in the cooling stage, which can be preserved for a long time.

  LDPE -- low-density polyethylene: LDPE for short is the most widely used variety in plastic packaging and printing industry in various countries. The specific gravity is 0.92~0.93, which can float in water. The crystallinity is low (60%), and bulk polymerization is carried out at a pressure of 1000-3000kg/C ㎡, so it is also called high pressure polyethylene. At 23 ℃, the density is about 0.92. It is applicable to food packaging, fiber product packaging and daily chemical products packaging.

  HDPE -- High density polyethylene: HDPE for short. It is polymerized under low pressure, so it is also called low pressure polyethylene. It is milky white with poor surface luster. The film can be processed by blow molding and T die extrusion. Heat resistance and cooking resistance, cold resistance and freezing resistance, good moisture-proof, gas proof and insulation performance, not easy to damage, and twice the strength of LDPE. Very easy to open.

  BOPP -- Biaxially stretched polypropylene film: Biaxially stretched polypropylene film, also known as biaxially stretched polypropylene film, is abbreviated as BOPP, which is characterized by molecular orientation, mechanical strength, folding strength, air tightness and moisture resistance superior to ordinary plastic film. Compared with cellophane per unit area, the unit price is lower than cellophane. Because of the good transparency of this film, the color reproduction after printing is particularly bright and beautiful, and it is an important substrate for plastic composite flexible packaging.

  Since it is the most important material for plastic bag production, do you know that PE can be used to produce those plastic bags? Or those plastic bags are made of PE. Want to know? If you want to know, look down.

  The most common PE plastic bag is the portable plastic bag. As long as you go shopping, you can always use it. Besides the portable plastic bags, what else? Flat bag, line bag, self sealing bag, bone bag, zipper bag, square bag, vest bag, inclined hanging bag, flat hanging bag, bubble bag, anti-static bag, hook bag, etc.

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