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Different products have different standard requirements for composite packaging.stand up coffee pouches sales

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  The requirements for composite packaging in various products

  (1) General industrial packaging, mainly considering its protection, packaging operations, sales of sales, transportation, etc.

  (2) The packaging of daily chemical products is mostly facing consumers directly. It is necessary to consider its protection, beauty, convenience, shelf display, etc.

  (3) Packaging of mechanical parts must consider its protection, functionality, rust resistance, transportation, etc.

  (4) Packaging electronic products should consider its protection, shockproofing, anti -static, shielding, blocking, etc.

  (5) Food and medicine packaging should consider its protection, hygiene safety, obstruction, packaging method, etc.

  In order to meet the required packaging requirements, the composite packaging film should have the following performance:

  1. Mechanical properties: resistance, rigidity, abrasion resistance, sealing, elongation, friction, etc.

  2. Physical chemical properties: blocking moisture and oxygen performance, savageness, oil resistance, anti -chemical medium, and lighting.

  3. Durability: Performance at low temperature and high temperature, stability under high humidity conditions, degradation ability, etc.

  4. Processability: suitable for printing, convenient automation packaging, anti -static, thermal contraction capacity, etc.

  5. Commodity display: transparency, whiteness, luster, convenient opening, waste processing, etc.

  Such as the preservation requirements, packaging operation requirements, safety and health requirements, sales shelf display requirements, and economic requirements, all are the first comprehensive considerations in the composite soft packaging design, and for different packaging content. We should also deepen and refine considerations.

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