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PET food bag wholesaler.What requirements should food packaging bags meet

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Physically maintain the food stored in packaging bags to prevent squeezing, impact, vibration, temperature difference, and other phenomena. The outer shell can separate food from oxygen, water vapor, stains, etc., and leakage prevention is also a necessary factor in packaging planning. Some packaging includes desiccants or deoxidizers to extend the shelf life.

Vacuum packaging or removing air from packaging bags is also the main method of food packaging. Keeping food clean, fresh, and safe during its shelf life is the primary function of packaging bags. Encapsulating or stuffing small items of the same type into the same packaging is a good way to save volume. Powder and granular objects require encapsulation.

Packaging and labeling tell people how to use, transport, retrieve, or dispose of packaging or food. Marketing often uses packaging box labels to encourage potential buyers to purchase products. Packaging planning has become a crucial and constantly changing phenomenon for decades. Marketing communication and graphic planning should be applied to highlight the packaging box and (depending on some reasons) sales display.

Packaging can play an important role in reducing transportation safety hazards. Packaging bags can also prevent food from being included in other products. Food packaging can also reduce the likelihood of food being stolen. Some food packaging is very strong and has anti-counterfeiting labels, with the effect of protecting the interests of merchants from losses. The packaging bag can have laser identification, special colors, SMS authentication and other labels

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