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ordering flexible packaging film roll sales.The shortcomings of environmental bags

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As is well known, the attraction of environmentally friendly shopping bags lies in their recyclability, durability, and affordability; The attraction of eco-friendly wine bags to manufacturers lies in their economic benefits, which can improve the economic efficiency of enterprises. At the same time, advertising products on customized eco-friendly wine bags can have a certain promotional effect. Although, in some environmental forums or communities, netizens have mixed opinions on eco-friendly shopping bags. However, through some environmental public welfare activities or environmental organizations, the position of environmental bags in people's daily lives is becoming increasingly important.

However, in the meat and vegetable market, some aquatic products, fruits and vegetables, etc., may not be very convenient if they are directly used in environmentally friendly bags. Because eco-friendly bags need to be cleaned every time they are used, it takes a lot of time. This is also why eco-friendly bags are not very popular in the meat and vegetable market. Therefore, the "plastic restriction order" cannot be fully implemented. The design of environmentally friendly bags needs to be improved and adapted to various occasions. There is still a long way to go for eco-friendly bags to completely replace paper or plastic bags

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