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The choice of vacuum food packaging bags

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  Problem 1: Prefer to choose brightly colored food packaging bags

  There are various colors of food packaging bags. Most customers prefer brightly colored products when purchasing. However, the brighter the color of food packaging, the more additives will be added. Therefore, food packaging bag manufacturers recommend using single-color packaging bags for Although food packaging is less ornamental, it is something that touches the mouth after all, and safety is important.

  Question 2: The thicker the food packaging bag, the better

  The greater the thickness of the food packaging bag, its quality is not necessarily better. There are strict standards for food packaging bags. Only those that meet the standard quality are considered to be up to the standard, which has nothing to do with the thickness.

  1. Mechanical performance requirements of vacuum packaging bags.

     During the vacuuming process of the food bag, the pressure changes, and the external pressure is applied to the packaging bag in all directions, compressing and stretching the bag, so that the bag is close to the food. This pressure is a staying power that constantly acts on the bag. Therefore, all vacuum bag materials must have good stretchability (ductility), fatigue resistance and impact resistance, so that the bag can not easily break and be damaged.

    The mechanical properties of the above materials are common to all vacuum bags, and most materials have such mechanical properties.

    2. Different food vacuum bags have different requirements for materials.

    a, food that is not easy to oxidize or has low requirements, such as fresh vegetables, fruit and meat and other fast-selling food, this kind of food vacuum bag usually chooses PE, PP, etc. of single-layer film material.

    b, easy to oxidize, susceptible to moisture and other food vacuum bags have high barrier properties for material requirements. The material of choice is usually a composite membrane. The composite strength of such materials is required to be high. If it is not high, delamination is very likely to occur during vacuuming, and the material no longer has high barrier properties.

    c. High temperature sterilization food vacuum bags require that the film and adhesive of each part of the material be resistant to high temperature.

    d. Foods rich in oils and fats require vacuum bag materials with good oil resistance.

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