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How long can cooked food vacuum packaging bags last?

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  We all know that the vacuum packaging bag removes the oxygen in the packaging, so that the food does not come into contact with oxygen, avoids the reproduction of microorganisms, maintains the original color, aroma, taste quality and nutritional value of the food, and controls the deterioration of cooked food. It is convenient for sale and storage and transportation. So, do you know how long the vacuum packaging bag for cooked food can last?

  How long can cooked food vacuum packaging bags last? Our packaging manufacturers take you to understand that vacuum-packed cooked food generally has a longer shelf life than food stored at room temperature. The cooked food processed by killing * has a shelf life of about ten days. Vacuum packaging is very suitable for packaging sausages, ham, bacon, shredded roast duck, duck with sauce, steak, beef balls, mustard shreds, pickles, dried tofu, bacon, braised chicken and other cooked food to be vacuum-locked for a longer shelf life and longer-lasting deliciousness.

  Focusing on plastic flexible packaging customization services for many years, the company is equipped with dust-free purification workshops, new equipment bag making machines, high-speed printing machines, with clear pattern printing, high saturation, and strong three-dimensional sense, customizing various sizes and material thicknesses for customers. Our company has perfected the double certification of ISO9001 quality management system and ISO14001 environmental management system. Makes our company's production procedures, standardization, modernization, and security to advance at the same time, AAA-level quality, service, integrity enterprise, integrity management, suppliers, entrepreneurs, enterprise qualifications, contract-honoring and credit-abiding AAA-level certificates. The company's influence and credibility in the modern plastic flexible packaging industry have gradually increased.

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