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Vacuum packaging vacuum bag

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Vacuum zipper bag Processing

The vacuum bag is also known as decompression packaging. It is to draw all the air in the packaging container out of seal to maintain a high decompression state in the bag. The sparse air is equivalent to the low oxygen effect. The purpose of the occurrence. The applications include vacuum packaging, aluminum foil packaging, glass utensil packaging, etc. Packaging materials can be selected according to the type of item. Because fruits are fresh food and are still performing breathing, high hypoxia can cause physiological diseases. Therefore, the fruit category uses less vacuum packaging.

The main function of a vacuum bag is oxygen to prevent food from deteriorating. The principle is relatively simple. Because the deterioration of food mildew is mainly caused by the activity of microorganisms, most microorganisms (such as mold and yeast) need oxygen to need oxygen. The vacuum packaging is to use this principle to remove the oxygen in the packaging bag and food cells, so that the micro object will lose the "living environment". Experiments have shown that when the oxygen concentration in the packaging bag is ≤1%, the growth and reproduction speed of microorganisms decrease sharply. When the oxygen concentration ≤0.5%, most microorganisms will be suppressed to stop breeding. (Note: Vacuum packaging cannot inhibit the deterioration and discoloration of foods caused by the breeding of anaerobic bacteria and enzyme reactions. Therefore, it is necessary to combine with other auxiliary methods, such as refrigeration, frozen, dehydrated, high temperature sterilization, radical sterilization, microwave sterilization, salt, salt In addition to inhibiting the growth and reproduction of microorganisms in vacuum removal, the other important function is to prevent food from oxidation. Because oil and fat foods contain a large amount of unsaturated fatty acids, oxygen is oxidized, the food will taste and deteriorate. In addition, oxidation also causes vitamin A and C to lose, and unstable substances in food pigments have the effect of oxygen and darker the color. Therefore, oxygen can effectively prevent food from deteriorating and maintain its color, fragrance, taste and nutritional value.

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