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How much do you know about PE bag blowing film?properties of flexible packaging films distributors

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  PE bags, also known as PE film bags, PE plastic bags, PE flat bags, etc.

  What should I pay attention to when blowing PE bags?

  PE bags are the most common packaging bags in our daily lives, used for various vegetable and fruit packaging, shopping bags, agricultural product packaging, and so on. As a user, I am not sure how PE plastic bags are produced. I think making a bag should be a very simple task and something that is very easy to make. Below is the production process of PE plastic bags: plastic particles - hot melt mixing - extrusion stretching - corona treatment - printing - bag making and molding. The main process is the above, which is simplified into three steps: film blowing - printing - bag making.

  The blowing process should pay attention to:

  1. Raw material ratio: Prepare different proportions of raw materials according to the various requirements of PE bags. For example, requirements for anti-static, rust prevention, oxidation resistance, conductivity, biodegradation, etc., and the addition of various auxiliary additives; For example, colors such as red, black, yellow, etc. require the addition of various color masterbatches; For example, according to various requirements such as transparency, toughness, tear strength, vacuum pumping, etc., replace various brands or grades of PE materials; For example, according to special requirements, emphasis should be placed on high transparency, strong tearing force, and good openness, and various proportions of raw materials should be changed.

  2. During the film blowing process, if printing is required, corona treatment must be carried out. At this time, attention should be paid to the strength of the corona treatment to ensure that the corona treatment strength (dyne value) of the PE bag material is sufficient and to ensure ink adhesion.

  3. During the film blowing process, various operations such as single opening, double opening, folding, pressing point breakage, embossing, inflation, etc. are carried out according to the special requirements of the film material.

  The printing process should pay attention to:

  1. Printing ink: water-based ink, fast drying ink, invisible ink, color changing ink, anti-counterfeiting ink, inductive ink, conductive ink, low electronic ink, matte ink and other different ink characteristics are selected corresponding to the ink.

  2. Printing plate: According to the precise requirements of the printing content, gravure (copper plate) printing and flexographic (offset plate) printing are used, which are two different printing methods.

  3. Select printing methods based on the precision and color complexity of the printed content, such as monochrome printing, monochrome double-sided printing, single-sided color printing, and double-sided color printing.

  4. Different inks or additives shall be selected according to the special requirements of printing patterns: color change, anti-counterfeiting, conductive, anti adhesive and other characteristics.

  The bag making process should pay attention to:

  1. Bag type: According to the bag type of PE plastic bags, there are different types, such as flat bags, irregular bags, three-dimensional bags, vest bags, self-adhesive bags, yuan line bags, continuous roll bags, hand held bags, etc. The bag making machine model used is also different, and the methods and auxiliary tools used are also different.

  2. Special requirements: destructive adhesive strips need to be added to PE self-adhesive bags; Need to apply glue on the PE bag; Need to add a card head on the PE bag; Need to add some broken wires on the PE bag; Various requirements such as drilling breathable holes on the PE bag and using various auxiliary fixtures are required.

  3. Packaging requirements: According to different packaging requirements of customers, different packaging methods can be used, such as: it is not allowed to perform operations according to different requirements such as disassembly, packaging in cardboard boxes, packaging in specific quantities, packaging in specific ways, etc.

  So, when using PE bags, let's not underestimate a small packaging bag. In fact, it is also produced after repeated trials and tribulations. It also teaches us to cherish the fruits of human labor and pay attention to protecting the environment.

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