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What are the aspects of food packaging?reusable Snack food bag Manufacturing

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gusset aluminum foil bag

Food quality includes the color and fragrance of food, nutritional value, the form, weight, and health indicators that should be achieved. Almost all processed foods need to be packaged to become commodity sales. Although food is a product that is most likely to be affected by environmental factors, each packaging food must meet the corresponding food packaging bag quality indicators during the set shelf life.

The entire circulation link from raw materials to consumption is complex and changeable. It will be infected by biological items and chemicals. Various environmental factors such as light, oxygen, water, temperature, microorganisms such as light, oxygen, water, temperature, microorganisms appear during production circulation process. Impact.

The effect of light on food quality

(1) Lighting on the deterioration of food

The influence of light alone has a great impact. It can cause and accelerate the decomposition of nutrients in the food. The corruption and deterioration reactions of food occur, mainly manifested in four aspects: promoting the oxidation reactions of fat in food and oxidizing acid losses; causing food to make foods The pigmentation changes in the pigment; the red, yellow, red and meat foods in plant foods are dark or brown; Adverse chemical changes occur; causing degeneration of protein and amino acids in food.

(2) Light of light to penetration of food

Light can promote the change in the internal -series because it has high energy. Under the light, the ingredients of light sensitive to the food can quickly absorb and convert the light energy, which stimulates the chemical reactions of deterioration in the food. The more you can absorb the amount of light, the deeper the transfer, the faster the food deterioration and the more serious. The amount of light energy absorb light is represented by light density. The higher the density of light, the greater the light energy, and the stronger the effect of the deterioration of food.

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