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What are the benefits of vacuum rice packaging?

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  Rice vacuum packaging plays a role in protecting the rice, so that the rice will not be damp due to the weather, and it can also maintain the original taste of the rice and prolong the shelf life of the rice. In addition, the rice vacuum packaging bag can also play a certain role in preservation. Let us try our best to keep its original fragrance when eating rice, so that consumers can buy it with peace of mind. Next, the editor will take you to understand the benefits of vacuum rice packaging?

  Vacuum packaging has strong quality preservation ability, which can reduce the oxygen concentration in the storage packaging, inhibit the respiration intensity of the rice and the reproduction of mold, and prevent the rice from getting moldy and insects. The quality of non-vacuum packaging is relatively weak, and the effect of insect-proof, mildew-proof and fresh-keeping of rice is relatively worse than that of vacuum packaging bags.

  The shape of the packaging is different, the vacuum packaging is more beautiful, and it can be packaged as a six-sided plastic appearance. However, due to the high degree of vacuum, the packaging material tightly wraps the rice, and the packaging bag is easily punctured by rice grains, resulting in the failure of the vacuum packaging. In the process of circulation, friction, collision and drop between bags can also easily cause the bags to be broken. Therefore, the fresh-keeping packaging of rice should be combined with the circulation environment, so as to achieve good results.

  We generally use vacuum packaging bags, which can reduce the O2 concentration in the storage packaging, inhibit the respiration intensity of the rice and the reproduction of mold, prevent the rice from aging, mold, insects, etc., and better maintain the quality of the rice. At present, the vacuum degree selected for vacuum packaging of rice is generally between -0.07~-0.09 kPa.

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