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ordering flexible packaging film roll price.Where can I find a manufacturer of high-quality food packaging bags?

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How to choose a trustworthy food packaging bag manufacturer is not an easy task. The editor believes that a comprehensive consideration of the following aspects is necessary to select a high-quality and trustworthy food packaging bag supplier.

1、 Qualification of food packaging bag manufacturers

According to the National Food Safety Law, food packaging manufacturers must have corresponding qualifications, business licenses, and production licenses. Packaging business scope: production and processing; Plastic and paper products; Printing of printed materials. This is the normal scope of business for manufacturers of food packaging bags, and it is also a mandatory requirement on their business license. Products allowed to be produced in packaging: Plastic packaging containers for food, including non composite bags, composite bags, food items, etc. The quality management of packaging in food packaging bags has obtained ISO9001 certification, which also ensures the quality of food bags.

Food packaging bags produced at the same time can be provided with third-party product inspection certificates according to customer needs. For example, the National Center for Quality Supervision and Inspection of Food Packaging Products and Equipment (CNAS), the Food Packaging Quality Supervision and Inspection SGS of the European Union, the Food Packaging Quality Supervision and Inspection SFCA of Canada, and the Food Packaging Quality Supervision and Inspection FDA of the United States. The food packaging bag inspection projects here are divided into three categories: mechanical function, physical and chemical function, and weather resistance function. The specific detailed projects are determined according to customer needs.

2、 Production capacity of food packaging bag manufacturers

The production capacity here includes capabilities in composite, color printing, bag making, and other aspects. Composite is an essential ability for making suitable materials for food bags, as single-layer films are now difficult to meet the requirements of food packaging. The composite capabilities here include environmental friendliness, methods, and composite quality. The packaging has three types of composite methods: dry, solvent-free, and co extrusion. The adhesives used are all environmentally friendly adhesives, with high composite quality: good strength, no adhesive overflow, and almost no solvent residue.

The color printing ability is the key to producing food packaging bags with exquisite graphics, which not only tests the equipment's ability but also the captain's ability. In terms of equipment, the packaging has an 11 color fully automatic high-speed gravure printing machine, with a roll width of 1.25m and a speed of 320m/min. 12 colors can be printed together, with manual and intelligent control of ink volume and color, resulting in more accurate and beautiful color printing results. Our captain has 20 years of professional printing experience and is very professional in the printing performance, ink characteristics, and spot color ink blending of various materials. Ink color, ink quantity, and ink type can be adjusted according to the material and food bag color printing needs. The ink used is all food grade, including high temperature resistant, low temperature resistant, and ordinary.

Bag making ability is a manifestation of the ability of food packaging bag manufacturers to provide various bag types of food bags. Nowadays, many food production enterprises have automatic packaging equipment that uses automatic packaging roll film. But sometimes small batch semi-automatic packaging still requires the use of product bags, and perhaps some manufacturers use automatic packaging equipment that requires the use of product food bags. There are 8 bag making models including zipper bag machine, suction nozzle bag machine, self standing bag machine, self sealing bag machine, middle sealing bag machine, three side sealing bag machine, four side sealing bag machine, eight side sealing bag machine, and blow film bag machine. The models can comprehensively supply various bag types of food packaging bags.

The production capacity of packaging is strong, with excellent quality and careful quality control. The general supply cycle for color printed film is 7-10 days, and for product color printed food packaging bags, it takes 10-15 days.

3、 Additional Services for Food Packaging Bag Manufacturers

Additional services include supporting products, planning services, after-sales services, etc. There are many supporting products that can be supplied in packaging. The food packaging supporting products that can be supplied by the factory include: blister inner tray, blister box, cover box, plastic bowl, tray, etc; Collaborative manufacturer supporting products: self-adhesive, elevator, paper card, paper box, etc. Planning services are important services that provide convenience to customers, eliminating the risk of seeking planning companies and being overcharged. Our packaging planning team has a rich experience in food packaging planning, innovative ideas and plans, and is tailored to the product theme. There are currently 3 members in the planning team, specializing in conceptual planning. After sales service, we provide assistance as much as possible when customers encounter problems with packaging. For packaging products with quality issues, we automatically take responsibility and solve the problems for customers as soon as possible. Our policy is to provide the most professional and valuable positioning packaging for major enterprises.

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