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How to deal with the discoloration of food packaging bags?

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  1. Most food packaging bags contain various patterns and characters, which are completed by heat transfer printing process. At present, most processes are completed by mechanical equipment. There are few places requiring manual operation. Insufficient pressure of mechanical equipment may cause problems. Pressure refers to the force used to print various patterns on food packaging bags. This force can be large or small. If it is too small, the pattern will not be clear, and it is easy to fade or fall off. If it is too large, it will lead to uneven packaging bags, affecting its feel and beauty. If an appropriate pressure is adjusted, it is the key to production, Different materials and different patterns of packaging bags use different pressures, which requires long-term production and testing by operators to obtain accurate values, and this value is gradually adjusted in the process of using mechanical equipment the day after tomorrow.

  2. If the color is too light, discoloration may occur. The color modulation is similar to all kinds of inks. If the ink contains a large amount of water, it will cause the ink concentration to become weak. If the ink becomes weak, the patterns and characters will not be clear during transfer printing. It is also common for decolorization to occur when the ink contains water. It is recommended that you should do as you can when mixing colors. Don't add too much water to save costs, just add a small amount of water according to the proportion.

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