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Bag material shelf life analysis of food packaging bags

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There are storage period for the bag materials for food packaging bags, especially many food packaging bags are compound bags. Many friends will ask if the shelf life of food exceeds one year. Here we must distinguish between the storage period and the shelf life. Most of the after -shelf periods cannot be eaten; and after the storage period, most of them can be used, and most of them can still be used. And when the food packaging bag is sealed, the inner film bag material is well preserved. Its service life is far greater than the shelf life of the packaged food. If the storage period should not be compared with the food shelf life of the food packaging bag.

The above is the content of the food packaging bags and bags summarized for everyone. I hope that you will help you.


1. GB/T 21302-2007 "Composite film for packaging", GB/T 10004-2008 "Plastic composite film, bag drying method composite, and squeeze composite" products should be stored In the warehouse with suitable temperature, avoid sunlight, not less than 1m from the heat source, and the stacking is reasonable. The shelf life of the product is one year from the date of production.

2. GBT 27740-2011 "Flowing Polyetric (CPP) Film"

3. QBT 1871-1993 "Two-way stretching nylon (BOPA)/Low-density polyethylene (LDPE) composite film and bag"

4. GBT 20218-2006 "Polymide (Nylon) Film"

5. GBT 10003-2008 "Plum Film"

6. GBT 11115-2009 "Polyethylene (PE) resin"

7. GBT 16958-2008 "Packaging Packing Polyester Film PET"

8. GBT 12671-2008 "Polystyeylene (PS) resin"

9. GBT 12670-2008 "Poetry (PP) Resin"

10. GBT 4456-2008 "Packing Polyethylene Blow Plastic Film"

11. GBT 28118-2011 "Food packaging plastic and aluminum foil composite film and bag"

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