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What are the types of packaging bags

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  There are many ways to classify bags. At present, on the market, we mainly divide the types of packaging bags from materials, packaging methods and contents.

  1. According to materials, packaging bags are divided into plastic packaging bags, paper packaging, hemp, cloth and other packaging bags. Plastic packaging bags are the most common type of packaging bags in our daily life. They are used when shopping for vegetables, shopping, and throwing away garbage.

  Plastic packaging bags are mostly made of polyethylene film. Polyethylene itself is non-toxic, so it is often used to hold food.

  2. According to the packaging methods, there are many kinds, including 14 kinds of waterproof and moisture-proof packaging bags, rust proof packaging bags, high barrier packaging bags, anti-static packaging bags, water-soluble packaging bags, vacuum packaging bags, UV protection packaging bags, buffer packaging bags, antibacterial packaging bags, insect resistant packaging bags, nitrogen filled packaging bags, Poly packaging bags, oxygen removal packaging bags, and anti-counterfeiting packaging bags.

  Different packaging bags are made of different chemical materials and have different functional characteristics.

  3. According to the content, packaging bags are divided into food packaging bags, chemical packaging bags, drug packaging bags, clothing packaging bags, etc.

  The chemical packaging bag is resistant to both high temperature and chemical corrosion. This kind of packaging bag is usually used for the protection of articles in containers, and can be used to safely store and transport corrosive substances.

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