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What is biodegradable packaging material and how to identify it?

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  In China, with the implementation of mandatory waste sorting in the past two years, biodegradable materials have gradually become a popular concept. What are biodegradable materials and what are their applications? How can this material be distinguished?

  What is biodegradable material and how to identify it?

  The development of plastic bags in the green direction is closely related to people's concern about environmental protection. Since the 1970s, many countries have started to develop green plastic bags. Since polyethylene and polypropylene are mainly polyolefin, they cannot be broken down in a short time. Finally, the scientists synthesized a series of polyester materials that can be decomposed by microorganisms, and some green materials extracted from renewable resources (such as straw, bagasse, corn starch, etc.) to make green plastic bags that can be truly biodegradable.

  Biodegradable packaging bags must meet three conditions:

  First, it must be completely degradable, producing carbon dioxide and water.

  Second, under the condition of industrial compost, it must be completely degraded within 180 days.

  Third, no toxicity after degradation, no impact on the environment.

  Biodegradable materials have been widely used to customize packaging bags, which can be processed in composting plants and become organic fertilizer after 30-45 days. Biodegradable shopping bags and kitchen waste bags have been used in Western countries since the 1990s.

  Due to the short time of using biodegradable packaging bags in China, many customers who need customized packaging bags do not know how to identify biodegradable packaging bags. Because this kind of packaging bag has no obvious difference from ordinary plastic bags in appearance, the world has promulgated a series of standards :ISO14855, EN13432, ASTM-D6400. At present, there are mainly three types of certified marks recognized in the world :OKCompost, thelabor mark and BPI. Therefore, if there are these certification marks, can be identified as biodegradable packaging bags.

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