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flexible packaging film structure wholesale.Real time strategy for packaging bags

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(1) Increase the added value of "environmentally friendly shopping bags" for specific consumer groups.

Although "environmentally friendly shopping bags" have the advantages of being reused and not polluting the environment, in the eyes of consumers, even if they know it, they still largely purchase ordinary shopping bags. This is because "environmentally friendly shopping bags" are several times higher in price than ordinary shopping bags. Although the price of 3-4 yuan is not considered significant in the eyes of specific consumer groups in Ginza Mall, buying a bag at this price, I think it's still a bit unworthy. Even if consumers buy back "environmentally friendly shopping bags", they may not necessarily bring them with them the next time they consume. Even if they can be reused, they cannot escape the fate of being "disposable" like ordinary shopping bags. Many people believe that they either don't have a cloth bag at home or are not used to it, and of course they won't buy another one back;

Some people also believe that disposable plastic bags in supermarkets are both free and can serve as garbage bags, killing two birds with one stone. Buying eco-friendly bags is not very useful. For environmentally friendly shopping bags, citizens' complaints mainly focus on "not purchasing convenient and affordable". But many people are not sure if this bag is truly environmentally friendly, because the shopping bag does not specify in detail what material is used to make this environmentally friendly bag, where it is environmentally friendly, and what is unique compared to ordinary plastic bags. This naturally cannot be convincing. Therefore, it is necessary to clarify a series of benefits of environmentally friendly shopping bags: breathability, lightweight, flexibility, waterproof, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, antibacterial, anti-static, and durable, Generally, colorful and easily decomposable fabrics are used, which are easy to decompose in nature and very in line with environmental protection concepts.

Secondly, based on the consumption behavior and habits of specific consumer groups in Ginza Mall, different styles of "environmentally friendly shopping bags" should be designed for specific consumer groups, such as "being unique in design, grasping fashion in style, and being unique and elegant in style..." In short, it should be in line with and equal to the psychological needs of the consumer groups who come to shop, This will greatly increase the cost-effectiveness of "environmentally friendly shopping bags", making it easier for consumers to accept them. Domestic shopping malls and supermarkets have great potential to design innovative and fashionable eco-friendly bags, leading an eco-friendly fashion trend! When people carry beautiful eco-friendly bags while shopping, not only does it reveal the environmental message of using less plastic bags, but bags made of natural materials such as cloth bags, bamboo bags, rattan bags, or straw interwoven bags may become a hot trend item this summer.

(2) On the basis of linking with the image of Ginza Mall, carry out gift bag activities.

Advertising undoubtedly has two purposes: promoting sales and shaping image. And shaping the image will lead to better sales. Ginza Mall has now become a shopping paradise in the eyes of consumers and has begun to enter the maturity period of the brand. The focus of this period is no longer limited to the "product era" of buying and selling goods, but should further shape its brand image. Through this promotion activity of "environmentally friendly shopping bags", we aim to align our brand with public welfare activities and establish a good brand image with unique emotional value, in order to better and stably attract consumers' attention and purchase. Consolidating its image in the minds of consumers once again will ultimately strengthen consumer loyalty to its brand.

A few days before the launch of eco-friendly shopping bags, advertising and free bag giving activities will be carried out. Customers can receive eco-friendly shopping bags for free within these days, and after the event, fees will be charged to convey the concept to consumers: if you still carry plastic bags into and out of the market and supermarkets, then you are truly outdated! What's popular now is reusable eco-friendly shopping bags! If you still lack such a beautifully designed shopping bag, then accept a gift from Ginza! Let's take care of the environment together,

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