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Requirements for fertilizer packaging bags.

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  I Fertilizer packaging materials: in the fertilizer standard, the technical requirements for fertilizer packaging, the quality of packaging materials, test methods, inspection rules and packaging marks are specified in detail. The standard stipulates that the packaging materials for solid fertilizers: the outer bag is a plastic woven bag, and the inner bag is a high-density or low-density or modified polyethylene film bag (only the inner bag of ammonium bicarbonate can be a polyethylene film bag), or a two in one composite bag, but ammonium bicarbonate is not packaged in the composite bag. The standard also points out that plastic films produced from recycled materials are not allowed to be used as inner weighing bags in multi-layer bags. If the packaging materials do not meet the above requirements and the quality is poor, attention should be paid to the possibility of counterfeiting and shoddy products.

  II Marks on fertilizer packaging bags: fertilizer standards at all levels clearly stipulate that fertilizer packages shall be printed with product name, nutrient content or grade, net weight, name and address of manufacturer, standard label and production license number. If the above main signs are missing or incomplete, it is necessary to pay attention to the possibility of counterfeit and shoddy products. In addition, pay attention to whether the fertilizer package is intact, and pay attention to the use of old packaging and filling of low-quality fertilizer.

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