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Features and uses of textured vacuum bag

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  Vacuum zipper bag

  Features of textured vacuum bag

  1. It has good barrier property, heat sealing property, oxidation resistance, water resistance and moisture resistance; Strong mechanical property and high resistance;

  2. High resistance, puncture resistance and tear resistance; High temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, puncture resistance and tear resistance;

  3. Non toxic and tasteless; Softness, dustproof, bacteria proof, extended shelf life and other functions.

  3. The effect of vacuum pumping is strong, there is no dead angle, and the flatness is high.

  4. It is made of seven layer coextrusion material, without printing ink, with high safety.

  Use of textured vacuum bag

  1. Preserved products: sausage, ham, bacon, salted duck, etc;

  2. Pickled vegetables: pickles, dried radish, pickles, etc;

  3. Bean products: dried bean curd, vegetarian chicken, bean paste, etc;

  4. Convenient food: rice, cooked vegetables, etc;

  5. Cooked food products: roast chicken, roast duck, soy sauce beef, etc;

  6. Used for industrial machinery parts, electronic industrial raw materials and precision machinery;

  7. It is used for packaging of various rare Chinese herbal medicines against moisture, oxidation, yellowing and deterioration;

  8. For tea, coffee, cocoa, essence, spices, food additives, oils, cosmetics, fragrance, color, facial mask, etc.

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