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Development history of vacuum bag technology

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  Vacuum bag technology originated in 1940s, since the 1950s plastic film was successfully used in commodity packaging, vacuum bag technology has been rapidly developed. To a certain extent, packaging level reflects the level of science and technology and wealth of a country. The research and application of vacuum packaging technology in China is still in the initial stage then in the daily life we see a variety of food packaging forms, the reason is that the requirements for food packaging technology will vary with the types of food, characteristics and their own performance. So how do food packaging bags come from?

  Is vacuum packaging equipment needed for the other part of the packaging container, packaging container of the sort is more, such as plastic, plastic and paper, aluminum foil composite materials composed of complex, glass bottles, metal containers and hard plastic, etc., for the selection of packaging container shall be determined according to the properties of the vacuum packing food, such as canned food is application of glass or metal cans, Such as Chinese medicinal materials with aluminum foil or plastic and so on. Although there are many types of vacuum packaging containers, the most common is plastic film.

  With the development of packaging industry and fierce market competition, many disadvantages of vacuum bag monolayer film gradually appear, which restrict the promotion and application of resin. Co-extrusion film production by co-extrusion film blowing or co-extrusion flow process has the following advantages:

  The first is to reduce the production cost of vacuum bags. For example, in order to improve the thermal sealing performance of vacuum bag film, many manufacturers now use LDPE and mLLDPE blend to produce films. The increase in material cost per ton with single-layer equipment is higher than that with multi-layer co-extrusion equipment.

  The second is to improve the performance of the thermal sealing layer, barrier performance, in the production of co-extruded film, the selection of NY and EVOH and other high barrier materials, can greatly improve the gas barrier performance of the film, thermal sealing performance, the selection of appropriate mLLDPE, can improve the thermal sealing strength of the film, thermal adhesion strength, sealing temperature and thermal sealing temperature range.

  The physical properties of vacuum bag and suitable resin can improve the tensile strength, tear strength, impact strength and elongation at break of the film. In addition, according to the different requirements of customers, choose different resins and different grades of resins, used to improve the stiffness of the film, optical properties, surface friction coefficient, etc. In short, due to the excellent performance and reasonable price, the co-extruded film has been developed rapidly. At present, co-extruded film from two layers, three layers to five layers, seven layers, nine layers and even more.

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