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What are the advantages of the bag in the BIB box.bag in box 5l

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Packaging materials for drinking water packaging containers can be classified into two categories based on their appearance and stiffness, regardless of the materials used. One is rigid packaging containers, which have fixed shapes and rigid structures; The second is flexible packaging containers or flexible packaging materials, which have a certain volume but have no fixed body shape and a soft surface for packaging finished products

Box in bag flexible packaging, also known as flexible packaging, specifically refers to plastic film bag type packaging, and later refers to various types of flexible packaging materials with single or co extruded composite materials

The outer layer of the bag material in the drinking water box is usually multi-layer co extruded film, while the inner layer in contact with the drinking water is generally odorless PE film

Advantages of bag in box:

1. The packaged products of drinking water in boxes are convenient to use, with open valves and easy to switch; After the valve is opened, air cannot enter, which can meet the hygiene requirements of ancient people and significantly improve the quality and lifespan of drinking water

2. The exquisite printed outer box has strong product appeal and is particularly suitable for shelf sales and packaging

3. The high barrier function information of the soft packaging in the box not only meets the high barrier requirements for drinking water, household juice, and other liquids, but also meets the requirements of aseptic preservation, non-toxic and non purification

4. Because the soft packaging materials in the box are made of soft and lightweight thin film as the inner bag and corrugated paper sheets as the outer box, the packaging is attached to the body, and the weight of the packaging materials is small. The effective empty space inside the packaging is small, and the circulation and transportation of products are very convenient. The storage and transportation costs are much lower than those of products that adopt rigid packaging

5. There are obvious advantages in terms of cost, power consumption, and condition protection. Box in bag flexible packaging has fewer uses of natural materials, and the weight ratio of packaging materials to contents is very small. The ratio of packaging volume to contents is also small. Therefore, in terms of the variety and quantity of cost consumption, box in bag flexible packaging has advantages that other packaging methods cannot compare

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