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What are the ingredients of raw materials for the production of degradable plastic bags?

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  What is the difference between degradable plastic bags and traditional plastic bags? It can be said that the production raw materials of the two are very different, because the materials are different, so they have different characteristics. The components of raw materials for the production of degradable plastic bags not only use safe and healthy corn starch granules as basic materials, but also add some components that can promote decomposition.

  Composition of production raw materials

  In addition to corn starch, there are non-toxic and safe degradants, modified starch and other cellulose, photosensitizers, etc. The addition of these ingredients can accelerate the rate of biodegradation. Some environment-friendly plastic bags will be gradually decomposed under light, while others will be gradually decomposed in contact with biological flora. The decomposition conditions required are different depending on the added degradants. In terms of the use of production materials, the environment-friendly plastic bags are non-toxic materials, and toxic materials will not be added to the production process.

  How long will it take to decompose

  The decomposition time of traditional plastic bags is at least more than 200 years, while the degradation time of this new environment-friendly degradable plastic bag is different due to different degradants. Some require 90 days to be decomposed under certain conditions, while others require half a year to be decomposed. It should be noted that plastic bags that can be decomposed will only be decomposed under certain time and conditions.

  The composition of raw materials for the production of degradable plastic bags is briefly introduced here. Because of the different ingredients, the quality and characteristics of the finished products are different. The toughness and durability of degradable plastic bags are much higher than those of traditional plastic bags.

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