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Customized packaging bags according to product characteristics

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  PET food bag

  At present, with the improvement of living standards, people are more concerned about food problems, and the appearance of food packaging bags also directly affects product sales. If the delicate and exquisite packaging can drive the sales of the product, many food manufacturers will try to pack it. A good food packaging bag can not only attract customers 'attention, increase the expectations of customers' purchase, but also increase the level of the product and increase the value of the product.

  1. Material

  Material demand is determined by the nature of the product itself. For example, packaging moon cakes require high -resistance materials, packaging oil -based foods require oil packages PE. Packaging materials have many composite structure materials, all selected according to the functional characteristics of the product. This is custom food packaging packaging. The important point of the bag. Only by selecting materials can the shelf life of the food effectively extend the food.

  2. Style

  There are many designs that can be designed in food packaging bags, and new designs appear every day. In terms of appearance, common food packaging bags are flat bags, border bags, straight bags, zipper bags, fork -ear pockets, camisole bags, lumbar pockets, vest bags, self -stick bags, alien bags, etc. Essence

  3. pattern

  In order to make your products have unique symbols and charm, you need to design your own printing images for the packaging bag. Exquisite printing patterns can attract customers' attention, increase customer purchase expectations, and better highlight your brand image. In terms of how to design beautiful printing patterns, the design team must work very hard.

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