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How are the bags classified?

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  How are the bags classified?

  Various bag types are generally divided into five categories: back seal bag, pillow bag, four seal bag, single piece, other.

  First, back sealing bag:

  The back sealing bag is also called the middle sealing bag. Note:

  1, back sealing bag: first cut, then bag making.

  2, pattern position arrangement requirements: trademarks, product names, net content, bar codes and other important graphics should not be too close to the edge of the hot seam, so as not to seal the pattern after heat sealing.

  3, the front text can enter the back, but the back text must not enter the front.

  4. Typesetting direction: The printing direction must be consistent with the direction of heat sealing.

  5, the front and back of the overall text and text in their respective unit size in the center.

  Two, pillow bag:

  It IS divided into three types :1, standard pillow type bag, 2, inequality pillow type bag, 3, side seal pillow type bag.

  Side sealing pillow type bag is divided into three types :1, no heat sealing edge, 2, unilateral heat sealing edge, 3, both sides of the heat sealing edge.

  Notes for pillow type bag making version:

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