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How to test the packaging bag.

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  Biodegradable mailing bag

  Many customers are confused and don't know about the packaging bag. How to inspect the packaging bags customized by the manufacturer? In fact, there are many methods to judge whether the packaging bag is qualified. According to the different occupation of the packaging bag, the standard to judge whether the packaging bag is qualified is also different. However, in general, there are several areas that require our special attention. If these details are not paid attention to, it is very unacceptable to clarify the packaging products produced.

  The environmental protection of the packaging bag is also a standard to judge whether it is qualified. The following plastic bag manufacturers will teach you how to identify whether plastic bags may be toxic or unhealthy:

  1. Test the plastic bags by using water: put the plastic bags in the water and observe whether the plastic bags have surfaced. The ones that have surfaced are non-toxic plastic bags, and the ones that have sunk in the water are toxic plastic bags.

  2. Test by shaking the plastic bag: It is a very simple method. Grasp the plastic bag and shake it a few times. The sound is crisp, clean and non-toxic plastic bag. If the sound is dull, it means it is toxic plastic bag.

  3. Detection by burning plastic bags: non-toxic plastic bags are easy to burn, and careful observation will show that the flame color is yellow at the tip and cyan at some parts when burning, and it will fall like a candle with a paraffin smell when burning. Toxic plastic bags are not easy to burn. They will be extinguished immediately after leaving the fire source. The tip is yellow and part is green. After burning, they will be in a wiredrawing state.

  4. The plastic packaging bag is detected by the color of the plastic packaging bag itself and the touch of the plastic bag: the plastic bag without toxicity is milky white or colorless and transparent, which gives a sense of lubrication when touched by hand; The toxic plastic bags are mainly yellow, red and black, which are turbid and sticky to touch.

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