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How to test the packaging bag

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Super pouch

There are many types of plastic packaging bags, and there are also many materials for making plastic packaging bags. Therefore, in order to ensure safety, this needs to be strict during acceptance. What are the requirements for plastic packaging bags during inspection?

First, the plastic packaging bag of the single film must be reached during acceptance: the appearance must not have defective diseases such as bubbles, perforation, water pattern, stormy gluten, poor plasticization, and stiffness of fish eyes. Specifications, width, length, and thickness deviations shall be within the specified range. Physical mechanical properties include stretching strength and fracture erection. It reflects the ability of the product to stretch with stretching during use. If this item is unqualified, food packaging bags are prone to rupture and damage during use.

Second, the plastic packaging bag of the composite film must be reached during acceptance: the appearance should be flat, no scratches, burns, bubbles, oil -breaking and wrinkles, thermal seal is flat, and there is no false seal. The film must not be separated by cracks, pores and composite layers. Pollution without impurities, foreign matter and oil stains. Furthermore, the bag is not smelled, odor, turbidity, and decolorizing.

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