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Bag in Box: Provide sustainable packaging for your beverages.bag in box for wine

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 BIB Bag-in-box dispenser with butterfly valve vitop for drinking water wine juice

Bag in box packaging is suitable for almost all liquids. As a substitute for glass or plastic bottles, it is mainly used in beverages such as wine and fruit juice, and has become increasingly popular among the public. As a Closed system, it eliminates external impurities and oxygen, thus helping to improve the shelf life and quality stability of the contents.

● Save costs, space, and weight in storage and transportation

Compared to bottles, its filling is simpler, more efficient, and has lower costs

Due to cardboard box protection, the shelf life of the contents is long

Easy and drip free product removal through integrated faucet

● Positive energy balance can be achieved during production, disposal, and recycling processes

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