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Qualified packaging: Face is good, but lining is good.

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  Nowadays, beauty is the most important thing. The design of most food packaging focuses on high-end, grand and exquisite, and promises to make the products unbearable. In fact, the essence of design is to solve problems, provide consumers with more convenience through packaging, and solve problems encountered in actual use.

  1、 Small size packaging

  Packaging is not only packaging, but also part of the product experience. Excellent packaging should not only meet the brand image design, but also return to "service awareness" - to provide a good experience for consumers' actual needs.

  The survey found that small packaging is an important development trend at present.

  The most obvious advantage of small packaging is that it is convenient to carry and use at any time. The goods in small packaging can be used up at one time, without considering the subsequent preservation, and it is also more portable, easy to carry and flow. If the packaging specification of a food is too large, the food that has been stored for too long is likely to become not fresh enough, and it is also easy to deteriorate and cause waste.

  Now there are many kinds of goods, and consumers want to try different kinds of goods. Large size packaging will hinder such consumers' wishes. For example, plum, biscuits, etc., the most common one is a large package, with different tastes in separate packages.

  At the early stage of a new product's launch, because consumers do not know about it, they are not sure what the product is like. At this time, consumers are more willing to buy a small amount of try, so using small plastic packaging bags to package the product will make consumers more willing and more tolerant to try.

  2、 Take care of the needs of small groups

  At present, most of the packaging is aimed at ordinary consumers. Although we continue to make refined classification, such as distinguishing products for the elderly and children, few people are involved in the demand market for small groups.

  For example, people with disabilities. The core demand of the disabled is to live independently. Braille, the blind way and the guide dog give them access to the world, but there is no Braille in daily life. Even in large supermarkets, there is still no food packaged with Braille remarks.

  There can be signs designed for blind people at food details.

  Some people say that blind people may not be able to go to the supermarket in the current environment, let alone choose and buy goods independently. In fact, this kind of design is more like psychological comfort to the blind at the current stage when the infrastructure of the blind is not perfect. The blind can't buy it, but the blind's family can buy it for him, take it home for the blind to use, or just introduce the packaging function of the product, which can also bring happiness to the blind.

  3、 Use demand

  To meet the needs of consumers, it can quickly establish a bridge with consumers, close the relationship with consumers, and lay a foundation for secondary consumption.

  For example, Hamburgers are large, and it is unacceptable for some women to open their mouths and bite directly, which will make their facial features perform exaggerated actions.

  The burger brand Freshness Burger found that the sales of classic burgers were not ideal, and was aware of the concern of women, so Japan Telecom designed a hamburger package The Freedom Wrapper that can cover the face.

  When girls eat hamburgers, they can cover their faces with this wrapping paper until they finish chewing and close their mouths before taking the wrapping paper off, which can not only enjoy the happiness of hamburgers, but also keep themselves clean and tidy all the time.

  Requirements for medical packaging bags.

  Main functions of medical packaging

  The main function of medical packaging bags is to let air and sterilization media pass through, and provide biological barriers for sterile articles to ensure that the articles have been stored within a certain period of time. Time in transfer and stored procedures. Sterility.

  The sterile packaging materials used by China's disinfection supply center mainly include cotton cloth, medical wrinkle paper, paper plastic packaging bags, non-woven fabrics and hard containers.

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