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Introduce the development trend of pet food packaging.Spout pouch flexibility Factory

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  pet food bag making price

  Pet food packaging design has shifted attention to the new generation of consumers. Now this generation of younger generation is redefining the meaning of pets, from the way of communicating with pets to shopping. The new generation of shoppers tend to provide healthy and sustainable choices for their food, and they are looking for the same quality when they are shopping for friends with four legs. They expressed their willingness to pay extra costs for this food.

  In addition to sustainable development and impact on the environment, young consumers are also providing pets with excellent taste and quality experience, looking for pet foods with healthy and natural ingredients. At the same time, it is also looking for the convenience of convenient and easy to use pet food packaging. The sustainable development of pet food not only has the sustainability of its ingredients itself, but also plays an important role in the environmental characteristics of the product. The survey shows that 29%of American adults aged 18 to 22 specially purchased green products.

  The use of intelligent design and materials can reduce the impact of packaging on the environment, including finding packaging with light weight and small general materials. In addition, make sure that these materials come from renewable and sustainable sources (such as plastic made of plants such as cardboard or sugar cane provided by responsible forests).

  Providing a variety of options (including the size of pet food packaging) is a good way to attract consumers to attract consumers. Another important aspect of packaging is to protect food, extend the shelf life, and prevent unnecessary waste of waste. In order to protect the taste, color, odor and nutritional value of the product, select packaging to prevent exposure to light and oxygen. Sterile and steaming boxes are good examples that can extend the shelf life without preservatives or refrigerated.

  Packaging abandonment is another important consideration for consumers who pay attention to environmental protection today. The brand should clearly convey the life cycle of the packaging, predict the recycling of packaging, including what products can be manufactured after the packaging recycling, and then go further.

  Clear Spout Pouch's production technology Clear Spout Pouch must be divided into two parts, and they use different food packaging requirements. Then let's take a look at the Clear Spout Pouch production process.

  The first is the hot seal temperature. One of the factors that need to be considered when setting the hot seal temperature is the characteristics of the heat seal data. The second is the thickness of the film; the third is the number of thermal seals and the size of the heat sealed area. Usually, in the same part of the same part of the number of thermal seals, the heat sealed temperature can be appropriately set. Followed by the pressure of heat. You also need to master the timing of the hot seal. The key is heating method. The two people heated their heads and decided to improve the quality of the nozzle packaging bag and the symmetry of sealed at the bottom.

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