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Can the use of vacuum bags ensure that the food does not get moldy?

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  During the whole process of production, processing, storage and use, the vacuum bag is gradually brittle due to its natural color and environmental factors, resulting in the shrinking of its physical and physical performance and finally losing the value of the product.

  Therefore, when producing and processing vacuum bags, add a thickener, a chemical substance that can prevent plastic embrittlement and mildew. Thickeners include antioxidants, light stabilizers, heat stabilizers and mildew inhibitors according to their full functions. When the vacuum bag touches the polyethylene and vinyl chloride prepolymer in the raw material, it is necessary to add a heat stabilizer when adding T. High-pressure polyethylene, polypropylene, polyethylene, polyamide, polyethylene terephthalate, etc., according to different main uses and production and processing regulations, also need to add some anti-recovery agents, sunscreens, etc. thickener".

  Thickeners can be divided into: wrong salts according to the organic chemical structure. Composite metal soaps (polyether salts of lead, palladium, barium, etc.), organic chemical tin, organic chemical antimony, etc. After touching the food category, this kind of metal material is easy to transfer to the human food category. In the extreme, lead and cadmium thickeners are very harmful to the body.

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