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What are the general forms of beverage and food liquid bags?

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Beverage, liquid and food packaging is a method of placing beverages (or liquids) into containers with certain specifications, sealing and sterilizing them for storage, transportation and consumption. There are many common liquid beverages on the market. The packaging forms are different according to the characteristics of liquid beverages and product characteristics. The following is an introduction to the five common forms of beverage liquid packaging bags.

1. Paper-aluminum-plastic composite film

Sterile bricks: have certain sealing, moisture-proof and waterproof properties, low cost, light weight, easy to carry and transport, but cannot be heated and sterilized.

2. Plastic composite film

Packaging bags: Commonly used are composite film materials containing high barrier materials such as EVOH and PVDC, which have good barrier properties, low cost, and are easy to transport and carry.

3. Plastic containers

Plastic bottles: Common plastic bottle materials include HDPE, PP, PET or PETP, etc., which have good mechanical strength and air tightness. Among the above material structures, PET bottles have higher barrier properties.

4. Metal containers

Metal containers: have excellent barrier properties and light-shielding properties, allowing packaged beverages to have a long shelf life. However, they are prone to extrusion deformation due to improper transportation and poor chemical stability.

Aluminum alloy: mostly two-piece cans, mostly used for packaging carbonated drinks.

Tinplate: mostly three-piece cans, often used for packaging non-carbonated beverages.

5. Glass container

Glass bottles: good barrier properties, airtight, heat-resistant, pressure-resistant, and cleaning-resistant. They can be sterilized at high temperatures and stored at low temperatures, but are not easy to transport, are heavy, easy to be damaged, and have poor printability. Often used to package fruit tea, fruit vinegar, jujube juice and other beverages.

Instruments commonly used to test beverage liquid packaging include: packaging barrier performance testing (gas permeability test and water vapor permeability test), packaging friction coefficient (material surface smoothness), packaging tensile strength and elongation (electronic tensile testing machine ), packaging peeling strength, packaging heat sealing strength (heat sealing strength), sealing and leakage testing, packaging impact resistance testing, packaging and printing quality testing, etc. Jinan Sike Testing Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to the research and development of packaging testing technology and the production of testing instruments.

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