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Analyze the composition of plastic packaging bags

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Packaging bags are popular in various industries today, making them convenient, efficient, and convenient for transportation. There are four major types of packaging materials: plastic materials, paper materials, metal materials, and glass materials. During this period, plastic packaging bags account for a relatively large proportion, and plastic vacuum packaging bags can also make the product fresh, easy to transport, and not easy to knead.

So what are the components of plastic packaging? Plastic packaging bags are primarily based on the composition or natural polymer resin. A type of material that, after adding various additives, has ductility at a certain temperature and pressure, and can fix its appearance after cooling.

The process of natural or composed polymer resin molecules in a molten state, with uniformly distributed auxiliary molecules nearby, is called plasticization. This process is called early plasticization when it arrives early, but it is considered not to have been plasticized yet.

Of course, plastic packaging bags are now the second most important packaging materials, and their applicability is not as good as paper and cardboard packaging. However, the plastic vacuum packaging industry is expanding at a rate of 5% every year, while other plastic materials, including paper and cardboard, metal, glass, pottery, hemp and cotton, are only increasing at a rate of 2%.

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