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What are the special properties of aluminum foil bags explained by the manufacturer of aluminum foil bags?Aluminum foil bag distributors

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The manufacturer of aluminum foil bags explains that aluminum foil bags are a packaging product that integrates various packaging lengths, with low costs and exquisite printing; The product has an opaque appearance, a silver white color, with a reflective luster, good barrier and heat sealing properties, as well as light blocking, high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, oil resistance, and fragrance retention; Non toxic and odorless; Features such as softness.

Joint planning, new printing process, outstanding picture planning and trademark function, can plan special trademarks or pictures, play a good anti-counterfeiting role, and increase the high-end of products, becoming the preferred product for packaging bags now

1. What products are suitable for aluminum foil bags

Food packaging bag series: rice, meat products, dried fish, aquatic products, cured meat, roast duck, roast chicken, roast pig, quick-frozen food, ham, bacon products, sausage, cooked meat products, Pickled vegetables, bean paste, spices and other food categories.

2. What are the bag shapes of aluminum foil bags

The bag shape is: a regular three sided sealed bag, a three sided sealed zipper bag, a yin yang bag, a standing zipper bag, and an eight sided sealed zipper bag

3. What are the material structures of aluminum foil bags

Common material combinations include PET/AL/PE (commonly used), PET/AL/high-temperature CPP (high-temperature resistant bag), PET/NY/AL/PE (vacuum pure aluminum bag)

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