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Human care in food packaging

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  On behalf of the society, the awareness of service is increasingly valued, and humanistic care has also received attention as an important sector to enhance services. Humanistic care is to consider all people from the perspective of people. It is better than customers think of its possible needs. As a manufacturer of food packaging bags, we will analyze from the perspective of food packaging, and how to reflect humanistic care in the packaging.

  1. Vision

  Visual elements mainly refer to the graphics, text, color, symbols, materials, etc. in the packaging design. The packaging is more to convey information and communicate emotions through its visual elements. Therefore, the importance of visual elements to packaging design is unknown. And metaphor.

  Therefore, in the design process, we must design more vivid humanistic care elements according to the actual food. For example, organic foods can focus on increasing green elements, reflect the harmonious coexistence of man and nature, and try to keep the concept of simplicity and organic food as much as possible. At the same time, use ink and colors as little as possible, because too much ink and color are easy to use organic foods for organic foods Caused a certain pollution.

  Regarding the continuous progress of materials and environmental protection, the degradable materials should be selected as much as possible. The occurrence of waste, easy to recycle cycling, etc.

  2. Improve user experience

  The external image of the packaging is the key to attract consumers. The small details reflected in the packaging are the key to retaining consumers. Good packaging is a weapon for improving the user experience. Those inadvertent warmth will give consumers to consumers. Leave a deep impression.

  In the current tea and takeaway, the cup can be seen everywhere, and this small detail is deeply reflected in humanistic care.

  In terms of packaging size, small specifications can be launched according to the actual needs of consumers. For example, Xixi Tea launched a reduced version of the bottle of tea in 2019. A bottle is only 270ml. You can drink two flavors at a price of a cup. If you feel that the amount is too large, you can also share it with your companion. It is a very user -friendly design.

  In line with living habits. Human living habits are difficult to change. People at different ages have different needs. Human care for packaging design must also be reflected in satisfying lifestyle habits. For example, there is a medicine box for the elderly on the market. The number of times the elderly needs to eat every day is easy to confuse, but this pill box gives the elderly a careful design. Each small box is equipped with an old age within a week. Drugs within four times that people need to eat. The old man only needs a small box every day. There is a curved groove on the box, which is in line with the fingertips. The design is very intimate. Even the sick elderly can open the lid with a trembling and weak hand. The product packaging design with human care has only a small change, but it makes life beautiful.

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