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How to Improve the Market Competitiveness of Food Packaging Bag Manufacturers

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In the past decade, the packaging and printing industry has developed rapidly, with fierce competition. The profit margin of packaging companies is becoming increasingly small, and the production quality is difficult to keep up. In response to this situation, food packaging bag manufacturers have proposed a three-step food packaging bag production quality management method to improve efficiency, standardize management, effectively control quality, reduce costs, and improve customer satisfaction.

1: Quality issues caused by the production process

The majority of production processes for food packaging bag manufacturers are printing, lamination, slitting, and bag making. In each production quality management, understand the reasons for the maximum quality loss in each process, identify the control points of the links based on the reasons, formulate operation and inspection standards for the control points of the links, and implement a three-layer quality control system consisting of captain's self inspection, workshop director supervision, and quality inspection during production. This can effectively control the occurrence of solvent residues and other quality problems.

2: Quality inspection of each process during the production process

Confirm the first article according to the production process and process, and control the quality of each rolled semi-finished product or bag making product. Let's assume that during the production process, the first article confirmation project forms for printing, lamination, slitting, and bag making are carried out item by item. Sampling is required for each roll down to find the title and improve it accordingly. For example, in printing, waste samples are used, and the color is reviewed first. When the color is correct, the original material is printed for 500m and then the roll is changed for sampling to make the first article for recognition. Other quality issues such as color, text, image, scale, overall printing effect, solvent residue, etc. are checked again. If there are problems, timely improvement should be made, and if there are no problems, mass production should be carried out. During this process, each roll of material needs to be sampled and inspected for quality before being rolled down. A three-layer quality control system consisting of captain's self inspection, workshop director supervision, and quality inspection should also be implemented to effectively control the occurrence of quality problems. Even if there are quality issues, the amount of loss will not be significant, and it will not be scrapped in half or whole batches.

3: Strengthen daily supervision and management to conduct regular training for production employees

As a production enterprise with strict quality requirements, food packaging bag manufacturers should promptly identify problems that exist during the production process and draw inferences to avoid their occurrence. And it is necessary to practice punctuality for new employees and strengthen requirements for managing employees.

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