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What are the classifications of biodegradable plastic bags?

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  Snack food bag

  According to the source of raw materials, biodegradable plastics can be divided into two categories: bio based biodegradable plastics and petrochemical based biodegradable plastics.

  The biodegradable plastics can be divided into four categories: one is the plastics directly processed from natural materials; The second is the polymer obtained by microbial fermentation and chemical synthesis; The third type is polymer directly synthesized by microorganisms; The fourth category is biodegradable plastics obtained by blending these materials or by blending these materials with other chemically synthesized biodegradable plastics.

  Petrochemical based biodegradable plastics refer to the plastics obtained by polymerization of petrochemical product monomers by chemical synthesis, such as PBAT, polybutylene succinate, carbon dioxide copolymer, etc.

  According to the classification of biodegradation process, biodegradable plastics can be divided into completely biodegradable plastics and destructive biodegradable plastics. Destructive biodegradable plastics currently mainly include starch modified polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP), polyvinyl chloride (PVC), polystyrene (PS), etc.

  Fully biodegradable plastics are mainly made from natural polymers or agricultural by-products through microbial fermentation or synthesis of biodegradable polymers, such as thermoplastic starch plastics, aliphatic polyester, polylactic acid, starch/polyvinyl alcohol, etc.

  Biodegradable plastics based on natural materials such as starch currently mainly include the following products: polylactic acid, polyhydroxyalkanoate, starch plastics, bioengineering plastics, and biological general-purpose plastics.

  According to the different raw materials, there are several common biodegradable plastics.


  This kind of plastic has good biodegradability, and its melting point is 62 ℃. The microorganisms that break it down are widely distributed in the pleasant or unpleasant conditions. As a biodegradable material, it can be mixed with starch and cellulose materials or polymerized with lactic acid.

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