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What is the difference between fully biodegradable plastic bags and degradable plastic bags?

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  In daily life, the amount of plastic bags used is quite large, and the types of plastic bags are also various. As an ordinary consumer, he only pays attention to whether the plastic bags are good-looking and durable, and he has never paid much attention to the material of plastic bags. And the harm to the environment after disposal. With the step-by-step promotion and implementation of the "plastic ban", more and more consumers have begun to pay attention to degradable environmentally friendly plastic bags and fully biodegradable plastic bags. Many customers often inquire about degradable plastic bags, but it seems that many customers do not know that degradable plastic bags include degradable plastic bags and fully biodegradable plastic bags.

  Degradable plastic bags are literally degradable plastic bags, which means that they can be degraded, but there are still plastics and other related ingredients added in them, but they are only partially degraded, not fully degraded. Like traditional plastic bags, they are landfilled or incinerated. In this way, it will also pollute the environment to a certain extent. That is to say, when consumers use degradable plastic bags, the final destination is actually the same as traditional plastic bags. After they are discarded, they all enter the landfill or are incinerated, and cannot be degraded by special industrial composting. Therefore, "degradable" is just "degradable", not equal to "full biodegradation". In a sense, degradable plastic bags are not a feasible solution to "white pollution", nor a "magic bullet" to solve plastic bag pollution. In essence, it will still generate a lot of waste, and degradable plastic bags actually Not degraded.

  The material composition of the fully biodegradable plastic bag is composed of PLA (polylactic acid) and PBAT (polyadipic acid), which are recognized as environmentally friendly materials and harmless green products. Under the condition of compost degradation, the fully biodegradable plastic bag can be completely biodegraded within 180 days. The degradation products are carbon dioxide and water, which can be absorbed directly into the soil by plants, returned to the soil, or entered into the general environment to degrade, and will not be harmful to the environment. The environment produces pollution, and it truly comes from nature and belongs to nature.

  The use of fully biodegradable plastic bags greatly reduces the pollution of plastic products to the environment, and truly achieves green environmental protection, health and hygiene, and can be used with confidence.

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