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liquid pouch with spout Factory.Introduce the materials of food packaging bags

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In recent years, many food researchers at home and abroad have gradually focused on edible packaging films and developed many edible packaging films with different functions, such as soy protein edible packaging films, chitosan edible packaging films, protein, fatty acid, and starch composite edible packaging films.

Water resistant protein film, edible packaging paper based on soybean residue, edible packaging container, corn protein packaging film (paper, coating), insect film or protein coating packaging paper (or container), corn starch sodium alginate or chitosan composite packaging film (paper), and bio adhesive coating packaging paper.

Edible film can be consumed together with its packaged food and has certain nutritional value. Some can be digested by the human body, while others have health benefits to the human body. And it can be used for small quantity and individual food packaging, directly touching food to avoid food contamination.

In the production of edible films, some flavoring agents, colorants, nutritional enhancers, etc. can be added to improve food quality and sensory function, and enhance appetite. Moreover, edible films can be conveniently used as micro packaging materials for food flavoring agents, fermentation agents, and food quality pigments, and can effectively control the increase, release, and stability of these formulations.

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