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The difference between liquid bags and regular packaging bags

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There are significant differences between liquid bags and regular packaging bags in multiple aspects:

Usage: Liquid bags are mainly used for packaging and transportation of liquid substances, such as beverages, fruit juice, milk, etc. Ordinary packaging bags are suitable for various types and shapes of items, such as clothing, food, books, etc.

Material: Liquid bags are usually made of special materials such as PE, PP, etc. to ensure good impermeability and temperature resistance. Ordinary packaging bags choose different materials according to different needs, such as plastic, paper, cloth, etc.

Structure: Liquid bags typically have a tight seal and leak proof design to ensure that the liquid does not leak. Ordinary packaging bags are designed according to the shape and size of the item, with diverse structures.

Safety: Due to the presence of easily leaking liquid in the liquid bag, special attention should be paid to safety issues such as the tightness and pressure resistance of the seal. Ordinary packaging bags mainly focus on protecting items from damage.

Environmental friendliness: Most liquid bags are recyclable and reusable, provided they are properly disposed of after use. Ordinary packaging bags, according to their different materials, some can be recycled, while others are disposable items.

In summary, there are significant differences between liquid bags and ordinary packaging bags in terms of usage, material, structure, safety, and environmental protection.

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