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stand up pouch with spout packaging Factory.Classification and material of packaging bags

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There are many types of packaging on the market, roughly divided into seven categories. Plastic packaging, fabric packaging, ceramic packaging, metal packaging, composite material packaging, wood product packaging, and paper product packaging. And among them, packaging bags occupy the vast majority of the market share, so what are the advantages of packaging bags that can dominate the packaging industry.

Firstly, let's talk about the material of packaging bags. The material of plastic packaging bags is extracted from petroleum and has distinct characteristics such as high wear resistance and soft hand feel. Compared with other packaging, plastic packaging bags have several obvious advantages. Firstly, they are lightweight, easy to carry, have excellent wear resistance, and strong plasticity. Widely applicable, the packaging bag can also be folded for storage, these advantages are not as excellent as most other material packaging products.

From the previous text, we can easily see why packaging bags are so popular. The convenience that packaging bags bring us is something we cannot ignore, but the pollution they bring us is also a problem we cannot ignore.

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