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aluminum foil bags for cooking manufacture.Future development trend of facial mask packaging bags

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It is self-evident how important facial mask bags are to facial mask. Compared to the fancy decorative effect on the surface, the storage and protection functions of packaging bags are actually more important. But in fact, many people neglect this point by neglecting the essence, which is largely due to their lack of understanding of the packaging bag itself.

Firstly, let's learn about aluminum foil bags. Aluminum foil bags are divided into two types: plated aluminum bags and pure aluminum bags. Aluminum plated bags are made by uniformly coating high-purity metal aluminum on plastic films under high temperature and vacuum conditions. Pure aluminum bags are made of pure metal aluminum pressed into sheets and compounded with plastic, which can improve the barrier, sealing, fragrance retention, shielding and other functions of plastic.

1. Watch:

Because the brightness of aluminum foil is not as bright as that of aluminum plating, the reflectivity of aluminum foil is not as good as that of aluminum plating film. Aluminum plating bags can cast shadows on people, except for those coated with aluminum extinction film. The appearance of aluminum coating on the extinction film is very similar to that of aluminum foil. You can block the opening of the bag and look inside it through strong light. The aluminum foil bag is not transparent inside, and the transparent one is the aluminum plated bag.

2. Hand feel:

The feel of aluminum foil bags is thick, firm, and heavy, while the feel of aluminum plated bags is lighter and softer than that of aluminum foil bags.

3. Fold:

Aluminum foil bags are prone to folding with dead folds and marks, while aluminum plated bags do not fold with dead folds and marks, and they quickly rebound.

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