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What is the difference between plastic packaging bags and paper bags

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The usage rate is increasing, with a certain degree of moisture resistance. After use, the development cost is low, environmental protection, paper bags are not moisture-proof, and their robustness is not high. Moreover, the use of wood resources has gradually improved people's environmental awareness. So what are the advantages and differences between plastic packaging bags and paper bags?

Although paper bags have strong environmental protection capabilities, they also cause serious damage to forests, and deforestation and the production of paper bag packaging bags also require the use of water and electricity. It can be seen that the original paper bag does not have more environmental advantages than the plastic bag packaging bag. Balanced use of plastic packaging bags and paper bags in demand.

And accelerating the use of environmentally friendly plastic bags is beneficial for environmental protection. Protective function: Paper bags are fragile, plastic bags have high tensile strength, high elongation, and are not easily damaged. Environmental protection: Paper is easy to differentiate, while plastic packaging bags are not easy to degrade. Therefore, there is a demand for many environmentally friendly plastic packaging bags that have low development costs and are easy to degrade.

Scope of use: Plastic packaging bags have greater selection space than paper bags. Plastic packaging bags can be used for long-term product storage, and the waterproof and moisture-proof functions of paper bags are relatively weak, which is not conducive to food preservation. And plastic packaging bags are equally useful. Moisture resistance: Paper packaging bags have poor moisture resistance, while plastic packaging bags have stronger moisture resistance.

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