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The design of rice packaging bags should focus on brand concept and color positioning

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The rice packaging bag is like a gorgeous coat of rice, and the design of this rice "coat" is the soul of the rice's external image. The suitability of rice packaging bag design directly affects whether rice can fully realize its value. To design a perfect packaging design, it is necessary to base it on market demand. Various creative ideas have emerged on the outer packaging of rice, attracting consumers' attention and allowing them to love the product at a glance. The packaging design of rice packaging bags is mainly to adapt to frequent needs, in order to promote this type of rice well, establish its brand, and create more economic benefits and value.

The design of rice packaging bags needs to position themselves in the market based on their brand, symbolism, tradition, promotion, differentiation, and gift value. The design of rice vacuum packaging bags needs to have its packaging theme and focus, which can make the rice well adapt to market demand. The design of rice vacuum packaging bags includes structural design, shape design, and decoration design. Among them, structural design mainly solves scientific and technical issues, reflecting capacity, protection, and convenience;

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