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The use of aluminum foil bags

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  Aluminum foil bag packaging usually refers to aluminum plastic composite packaging bag, according to the process structure can be divided into: two-layer composite, three-layer composite and four-layer composite, material structure can be combined according to requirements. Four-layer structure is adopted, with good water and oxygen isolation function. In addition, aluminum bags can be equipped with zipper, local matte, bronzing and other special processes. Unique design, new printing process, highlight the pattern design and trademark effect, can design special trademarks or patterns, play a good anti-counterfeiting effect. Can highlight the product high-grade, unusual shelf effect.

  Up to now, aluminum foil bag has gradually replaced the general packaging bag its good barrier, heat sealing, oil resistance and other characteristics to meet the needs of the development of The Times, loved by the public. Therefore, the aluminum foil bag is also a crucial product member in the production process of our company.

  At present, this KIND OF products are suitable FOR THE moistURE-PROOF, LIGHT-PROOF AND VACUUM packaging of large precision machinery equipment, chemical raw materials and pharmaceutical INTERMEDIates.

  Food foil bag

  According to the unique properties of aluminum with aluminum and other high barrier materials through dry composite aluminum foil bag products. It is an extremely thin sheet formed after many times of calendering with high purity aluminum. It is an excellent heat conductor and light shield. The purity of aluminum foil for packaging is above 99.5%.

  Medical foil bag

  One side of the medical dialysis paper, the other side of the medical composite film, can be used for the hospital to medical equipment high-temperature steam disinfection or sterilization when used to bag disinfection items packaging.

  In addition, there are industrial products with aluminum bags, antistatic aluminum bags, military aluminum bags and other uses.

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