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With the widespread use of bags in boxes, their quality has been continuously recognized.bag in box Vendor

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bag in box packaging custom

The unique design of the bag in the box effectively extends the shelf life of the product and has been widely used. Let's take a look at the development trend of the bag in the box together:

Globally, box in bag packaging has been widely used in various fields of food, beverage, and industry, becoming one of the rapidly growing packaging forms in the market. Taking wine packaging as an example: According to a survey, global sales of wine in boxes and bags increased by 41% in 2008, with more consumers choosing wine in boxes and bags.

At present, the world's average packaging of wine in boxes accounts for 35% of the entire wine production. If calculated based on a 2-liter packaging specification, China needs approximately 100 million wine bags per year. Although Chinese wine packaged in boxes and bags has just started, accounting for less than 1%, and most packaging still relies on imports, its growth rate is very fast, which will be a very good opportunity for packaging production enterprises. Another data that cannot be ignored is that the output of yellow rice wine in China is three times that of wine, and the output of Baijiu is more than 10 times that of wine. And in the future, these may all be packaged in box bags.

Not only for liquor packaging, box in bag packaging has also been widely used in other fields. In the soft drink market, it is mainly used in juice, drinking water, coffee, ready to drink tea, and functional beverages. Due to the ease of preservation, convenience and hygiene, and relatively low packaging costs, box in bag packaging is increasingly used in catering channels and terminal retail markets. Manufacturers stand out in numerous brand competitions with differentiated products and competitive prices.

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