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Causes and solutions for the difficulty of aluminum foil bags.aluminum foil bag large Production

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  The edge of the aluminum foil bag is high, the hot knife is high, the edge is wrinkled, and the temperature is low and it cannot be sealed. The pressure is debugged, the silicone pads and raw materials have been changed, or it can't be solved. What is the way?

  Answer: Considering from two aspects, one is to wrinkle the edge, and the other is to be unable to seal.

  For wrinkles, the reason is usually:

  1. There are too many residual solvents in glue and ink. During the sealing process of food packaging bags, the phenomenon of bubbles and wrinkles appear;

  2. It is not temperature -resistant enough for materials, and the ingredients are wrinkled after the corn bag is sealed at high temperature;

  3. It is not temperature -resistant enough glue and ink; 4, the parallelism of the hot knife of the bag making machine, the softness and flatness of the silicone are not met with the heat sealing requirements, and there are foreign bodies on the hot seal knife.

  The reason for the problem that cannot be sealed is usually:

  1. The temperature of the hot knife is too low and the pressure is too small.

  2. The quality problem of the hot -sealing material of the vacuum packaging bag is too high, or the thermal seal performance is unstable.

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