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Tell you how to distinguish the material of the vacuum packaging bag

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aluminium foil coffee bag

With the continuous development of the economy, the actual demand for packaging bags in the industry has continued to increase, and its performance is very prominent, so it is very popular. In our daily life, we know that the vacuum packaging bags are generally used in PA+PE, PET+PE, MOPE, PVC. What are the methods of identification? Let ’s listen to the packaging bag manufacturers in detail.

1. PA+PE can be burned slowly when a combustion test, the flame is bright, the bottom is blue, the upper end is yellow.

2. From the perspective of feel, the softer feel is PA material, and the hard ones are the vacuum packaging bag of PET material;

3. Food bag manufacturers said that from the perspective of sound, rubbing with hands, the sound of the sound is made of PA material, and the sound is sharp and harsh.

4. Put the two materials in the refrigerator's refrigerator for a while, and the harder is PET material; the softer is PA material; recommended reading: how to detect the quality of the woven bag

5. PVC is difficult to ignite, it is out of fire, it is yellow and orange when burning, the edges are green, white smoke, and spray light green and yellow flames, softened, can be brushed, irritating hydrogen chloride flavor;

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