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Advantages of Juice Packaging in Boxes and Bags

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Custom printed food grade ziplock snack custom plastic pouch packaging food packing bag

Bag-in-Box packaging is an innovative solution for fruit juice packaging, with flexible packaging methods, high barrier and paper box shading to maintain the nutrition and taste of fruit juice for several months. By using hot or sterile filling methods, various fruit juice drinks can be flexibly packaged, making it more convenient for home use.

The packaging form of box in bag is increasingly being applied in more fields due to its strong preservation ability, convenient carrying and drinking, and low packaging cost. Fresh pure fruit juice products can bring the freshest fruit juice products to consumers due to their good preservation effect, convenient removal method, and long storage period, which is difficult for traditional packaging forms to achieve.

For beverage processing enterprises:

Product differentiation: innovation in product launch and brand recognition.

Brand awareness: Each bag in a box has a large surface that can be printed on this "billboard" to attract consumer attention with pictures or product information. Shelf attractiveness: In today's crowded shelves, it has become difficult to make your product stand out. The size of the packaging in the box, the quality and uniqueness of the "billboard" can make your product stand out from the crowd in terms of transportation and storage efficiency: empty bags occupy 88% less space than bottles.

For consumers:

Can be easily and conveniently poured: Children and elderly people can easily pour drinks without spilling them everywhere

Storage efficiency: The bags in the box have a rectangular shape and can be stacked in the same area for the maximum amount, saving space in the refrigerator or storage cabinet.

China is a big country in the production of concentrated juice. For example, Apple juice has been recognized by the world for nearly a century, especially the first choice of health drinks in developed countries. In the United States, apples are known as the "smart fruit" that helps children's intellectual development. Its annual consumption of concentrated Apple juice is nearly one million tons, with a per capita consumption of 3.3 kg, which is equivalent to "drinking" 7 million tons of apples in a year. In China, the consumption of Apple juice is still in its infancy. The consumption is less than 100000 tons, and the per capita consumption is 0.08 kg, which is 2.4% of the per capita consumption of the United States according to the population. With such a large market waiting for more development, I believe that pure juice in boxes can soon enter the homes of ordinary people.

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