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kraft paper pouch with zip lock.Analyze the safety issues of food packaging bags

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Food packaging bags are an important component of food, with the characteristics of protecting food from external biological, chemical, and physical factors, and maintaining stable food quality. With the strengthening of consumer safety awareness and government regulation, food packaging safety has also been elevated to the level of equal supervision.

To meet the requirements of sustainable development strategy, developing new, green, and safe multi-functional food packaging and materials is the direction of future food packaging development. Contaminants in food packaging. The residue of toxic and harmful substances in food packaging can lead to food contamination and poisoning. The "toxic milk powder" in Lanzhou does not only contain melamine.

It also contains substances such as toluene and xylene that exceed the standard, and the failure rate of packaging bag sampling is as high as 50%. Currently, the main reasons for food packaging pollution include improper use of packaging materials, production processes that do not meet standards, an increase in processing aids that violate regulations, the large use of benzene containing ink in printing, and outdated regulatory systems and methods. These many problems ultimately lead to packaging materials that do not meet food packaging requirements, leading to food pollution. Table 7 lists the toxic and harmful substances that may exist in various packaging materials.

The relocation of toxic and harmful chemicals in packaging materials is one of the important reasons for food pollution. There are two main methods for contaminating food: one is the direct relocation of toxic and harmful substances to the food side, which belongs to physical relocation; Another type is the degradation of packaging materials upon contact with food, resulting in the occurrence of toxic substances, which is attributed to chemical relocation.

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